Letter from The President


Letter from The President

Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi


Flood crisis in Thailand

The worst flood once occurred  in half-century, has tackled 62 provinces, 621 districts in Thailand’s northern, northeastern and central regions. The dangerous flood situation has caused 356 people killed and 2 people missing as well. So far 2,802,461 families and 9,054,624 people were affected on  2011, 22 October. Along with  more than 17 main  highways, roads and  railway lines to the north have been damaged and shut.

Ayutthaya,  a United Nations World Heritage Site and our historic ancient city with many treasured palaces and temples, also has been damaged from 1-2 meters level of uncontrolled water.

”]Not far from our university campus, at least 7 industrial estates in Phatum Thani and Ayutthaya province, having been hit and caused severe damage to productions, supply chain and  logistics which  were estimated damages about billions US dollars.  


 The largest mass of water flowing along to the Gulf of Thailand, now having passed through area all around our campus in Phathum Thani province, which hit thousands of people living surround RMUTT campus.

photo: APThankfully, RMUTT has been built in the elaborate system of flood walls, canals and dikes protecting our campus from running off water, and being safe enough for providing shelter for the flood victims.The RMUTT Evacuation Center has been operated on 2011, 13 October at RMUTT Auditorium and gymnasium for 1,500 flood victims with more than 80 university staff and volunteer students for running operation and support. There were 1,297 flood victims on October, 23 and 270 left the center for staying with relatives . We are taking care of 238 children, 78 are about 1-5 years old and 92 are elder people so far.RMUTT university with many partners which are government organizations and hundreds of volunteer helpers, provide 3 meals a day, clothes, medical services and “edutainment” activities for children. Registration system, news and information, training for gaining some career skills are also organized. Trying to comfort and seeking needs for helps

Trying to comfort and seeking needs for helps

Edutainment for kids


Edutainment for kidsKomchadluek Volunteer Group providing lunch

Flood Relief Operations Centre (FROC) declared that many  locations in Thailand, including Bangkok, capital city, would possibly be underwater for 4-6 weeks, but authorities would try to drain floodwater into the sea as quickly as possible.  So we have still prepared  for any uncertain  situation.

On 24 October, we were informed by the authority to transfer 1,200 flood victims staying in RMUTT to a safer in Lopburi Province.

Finally, on 25 October 2011 RMUTT was completely flooded all of university was under water at 1.00 – 1.20 meter.

main gate RMUTT

We  apologize for any inconveniences or late responses.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Numyoot  Songthanapitak

Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi

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  1. So bad to see this situation. keep fighting with this situation. Be a friend with every people. Buddha blesses you.


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